Rooted by the River Farms
Rooted by the River Farms
North Thompson Komondors

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Our komondors, Nairn and Yeti, are Canadian Kennel Club Registered Komondors. Nairn is a 4 year old friendly, loving and relaxed dog that is wonderful with kids (pictured above). Yeti is also a relaxed, friendly dog yet is extremely good at guarding his charges and territory when on duty. They are both OFA certified with excellent hip joint conformation.

We have found the Komondor breed to be exactly what we were looking for in a dog - well mannered, excellent guard, great with kids, and likes to stick around our small acreage. For any information regarding puppies or our stud, Yeti, please feel free to contact us - Jeff or Andrea Lamond, Rooted by the River Farms, at or 250-674-4047. More pictures coming soon.

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